1. To begin with, I've loved li.st from the week after the public launch when I discovered it. Right off the bat I felt like I'd found MY social media. It was SO much better than FB.
  2. When Trending and Featured went away and Curated Feed began, I felt like it was suddenly a lot harder to find new people to follow. Also, the frequency of me getting new followers dropped way off.
  3. I now feel like there are little circles of people. I mostly only see the same peoples lists. Very few new people's lists.
  4. And now that drafts are gone...I just feel like I can't make as good of lists. I'll be honest, I'm not going to go through the trouble of opening a note taking app and craft a great list over time, then copy and paste it to li.st 350 characters at a time. That's just more work than I'm willing to do. Sorry.
  5. Two list items above this one I would have liked to save this list as a draft, go to my profile and see how many followers I have. That would have made this a better list, at least in my mind. But I can't do that. No drafts.
  6. I have really bad ADHD.
    On Entourage, Vince wore this shirt one day and it made me so happy.
  7. Li.St really works well with my ADHD in a very satisfying way. But without drafts it doesn't work as well.
  8. So now I don't list very much. Oh, sure, sure, I put out my stupid-ass Stuff Stuck To Cars lists. Those aren't creative. I do them out of boredom.
    See how easy it is to make a Stuff Stuck To Cars list? Just find a car like this and the list makes itself.
  9. Then there's another issue.
  10. President Trump.
  11. I have never paid much attention to politics because it never really matters. Republicans and Democrats trade off being in charge, things swing this way, then that way and in the long run it works out fine.
  12. But this president seems to be actively trying to cause irreparable damage.
  13. This president seems to have ties with a country that is not an ally. We haven't seen proof yet, but there is too much smoke for there not to be fire.
  14. I suspect that President Trump has direct financial ties to Russia. Maybe they're blackmailing him, maybe he's making billions on this. But I believe something is going on. Please understand me that I acknowledge that this is alleged ties. I fully acknowledge that it is not yet proven. But I think it will be proven.
  15. And I am paying so much attention to politics that I just can't focus on this. I hope to be back one day. I hope that we have Drafts again one day.
  16. Until then, you're likely to just see Stuff Stuck To Cars lists from me, for the most part.
    I don't know the point of this list. It would have been better if I could have spent more time on it. I'm sorry I'm complaining.