I work at a middle school.
  1. When I started working at this middle school 8 years ago, the staff lunchroom didn't have silverware.
    People were using plastic sporks, like they were kids. Or prisoners.
  2. I bought a bunch of silverware at a yard sale, put it in the staff lunchroom for all to use and everyone loved it.
  3. It disappeared after a while.
  4. I emailed All Staff asking for it back.
  5. Nope.
  6. I bought more.
  7. More disappeared.
  8. I wrote a poem to All Staff asking for it back.
  9. Nope.
  10. All of it disappeared.
  11. I've probably bought 150 pieces of silverware.
  12. I write a physical note and taped it above the staff lunchroom sink, asking for people to return silverware.
  13. Nope.
  14. This year I put 3 each of knives, forks and spoons in a cupboard with my personal stuff. Clearly this is someone's personal stuff.
    Plate. Bowl. Book. Chai tea bags. Lära Bars. Chapstick.
  15. My personal silverware is disappearing.
  16. It's pissing me off.
  17. Who does this?!