Why I like Entourage. Sue me.

  1. I like the show Entourage. I know that's an unpopular thing on li.st.
  2. The show was created by Mark Wahlberg. He said that everything that happens on the show has either happened to him or someone he knows.
  3. The characters have a LOT of stuff happen to them, and that's not what life is really like.
  4. They're just a conglomeration of a lot of people. It makes the storytelling easier.
  5. There's a scene where Kevin Dillon's character Johnny Drama is being dangled off a balcony and someone mentions that they used to like his old tv show. Seconds from death, Drama smiles and says "Oh. You're a fan?" I think this is pretty accurate for Hollywood.
  6. The interactions between Ari and Lloyd are priceless.
  7. Jeremy Piven plays Ari Gold and is brilliant. He plays the perfect doucebag, power hungry, total jerk. Piven is an artist!
  8. Jerry Ferrara plays Turtle, Vinnie's childhood friend / hanger on. If these guys were real he'd be the weakest friend, but he's the character I most relate to.
  9. I think if guys were honest, we would admit that there's a tiny little part of us that wishes we could be Vince. At least for a day or two.
    Not me!
  10. Matt Dillon's less famous actor brother Kevin Dillon plays Vincent Chase's less famous actor brother Johnny Drama brilliantly. I think we all know people like this. He reminds me so much of a guy I used to work with who was a jock in high school, and just an ex jock later in life.
  11. Kevin Connolly plays E. Connolly gets top billing and I think he's supposed to be the main character. To me he's the weakest character on the show, yet for some reason I always root for him.
  12. Rex Lee plays Lloyd and is a favorite. He tries so hard to have high standards and hopes for the best for everyone. When Lloyd gets pissed it's beautiful!
  13. The cameos!! Famous people were constantly asking to be on the show. Sometimes they played themselves, sometimes they played characters. Some of my favorites:
  14. Sasha Gray is apparently a porn actress who played a version of herself as. Vince's girlfriend. That was a great interaction
  15. Mark Cuban played himself as kind of a dick of an investor. He was great!
  16. Pauly Shore played himself beautifully.
  17. Ralph Machio played himself and did the famous one legged fighting pose, which made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the couch. Brilliant.
  18. Brooke Shields played herself, acting in a scene with Johnny Drama. Drama had always had a crush on Brooke and things went horribly wrong. I almost couldn't stop laughing.
  19. Bob Sagat is the very best! He plays the nastiest version of himself, as Vince's neighbor. Oh man, he is horrible! I loved him on here.