Inspired by @JennyJLee
  1. First of all, I have three Kindles.
    A 2nd gen, a Paperwhite and my wife's Kindle Touch which she used once and gave to me.
  2. The portable variety suits my needs and my ADD.
    I don't always know what I'm going to want to read, and a Kindle lets me take a lot of different material with me.
  3. I use my Kindles to read online articles. I use a google chrome extension that sends the text of an article to my Kindle and I have an iPhone app that does the same thing.
    I don't like reading long articles on the type of screen that a computer or iPhone has because it strains my eyes. But my Kindles look like paper as far as reading goes, and there's no eye strain. Note; I'm talking about Kindles that you can only read on. Not a Kindle Fire. Not a tablet.
  4. Vacation! It's so easy to bring several books on vacation with a Kindle. I have pretty bad ADD and usually have several books going at once. Even when I love a book it's hard to read just that one book.
  5. Self publishers. A lot of writers start out by self publishing at the Amazon store. They can write a book and put it up for 99 cents and get some sales and a following without having to constantly get rejected by agents.
    I've bought several books from one particular sci-fi writer. One of his books is finally available in a hard copy, but it took the Kindle sales for him to get noticed. He's great!
  6. Reading is reading.
    I think that the more people read, the better off the world is. I encourage and support reading anything, anywhere in any format. Comic books, graphic novels, ebooks, on phones, leather bound books...anything and everything. It's all good.