Why? I've Heard This Same Stupid Urban Legend Over And Over. It's Dumb And Untrue!

  1. I recently figured out that I'd been hearing this same stupid urban legend repeatedly, in different forms, my whole life. I didn't connect that they were the same idiot story until just recently. They are:
  2. "Kids don't see each other in person anymore. All they do is talk on the telephone." This was idiotic.
  3. "Kids are going blind from sitting too close to the tv." My mother told me I'd go blind from being too close to the tv SO many times!
  4. "Kids are going to emergency rooms in record numbers with broken thumbs." It was from playing this Mattel Electronics football game. Or the basketball, baseball or soccer version. I had football and basketball and never broke a thumb.
  5. "Kids are becoming hoodlums from hanging out at the 7-11 and playing video games all the time." I was the king of Asteroids at my local 7-11. Still not a hoodlum.
    Fun fact for you kids. When you got the high score you got to enter your name...but only with three letters. I always wrote "_z_" and at one time had all ten high scores on one particular machine.
  6. "Kids are filling emergency rooms in record numbers because of broken wrists." Nobody broke a wrist playing Atari 2600. Calm down!
  7. "Kids are going to the emergency room in record numbers from breaking their wrists playing with those stupid cubes." No, we weren't.
  8. "A kid got ran over by a train last week because he was walking down the railroad track while listening to his Walkman. He never even heard the train whistle because the music was so loud." False.
  9. "Kids don't even talk to each other anymore because they're all listening to their CDs." No.
  10. "Kids are going to the emergency room in record number with broken thumbs because they're texting so much." Never happened.
  11. "Kids can't even write longhand anymore because all they do is type. Almost nobody under at 25 can read or write cursive anymore." Still not true.
  12. "In England they're having to wrap parking meters with foam because people are walking head first into them while texting." This never happened.
  13. "Nobody reads actual books anymore because of e-readers. Books stores are all going out of business." It's because of online purchasing, not Kindles.
    Fun fact. People who read books on a Kindle or Nook or whatever read more paper books than people who don't own these devices. There's correlation, but I'm not sure of the causation. It may just be that people who read more books choose to buy Kindles, too.
  14. "Kids don't talk to each other any more. They're all too busy tweeting and snapping and texting each other. They literally don't talk to the people in their group." Puh-lease!
  15. "Kids are forgetting how to spell. They're even starting to turn in term papers all written in txt speech." Just shut up.
    Fun fact. My best friend's daughter broke her laptop and typed an entire five paper paper on her iPhone, in Notes, and emailed it to herself and edited it later when her laptop was fixed. She did not love doing that.
  16. "Scientists can already see evolution happening in kids whose posture is so bad from bending over to look at their smart phones all day long." Just stop.
  17. I read that when telephones first came out, people complained that nobody would ever go visit anyone ever again and that society as they knew it was going to break down.
    Fun fact. I still have one of these; the first telephone that was originally installed in my in-law's house.
  18. People complained when television first came put, that radio was going to die.
  19. Whenever something new comes out, people freak out and claim that kids are going to emergency rooms in record numbers, that society is ending, or some other dystopian thing is happening because of it. None of those things are happening. They never have. They never will.
  20. Why do people make these claims? It drives me nuts.