Why @jannychan wouldn't really want to be named Jannath. Told as a FRIENDS™ Episode.

I made a stupid joke on @jannychan's list and thought this up. Welcome to my brain.
  1. Episode title: The One Where Chandler Goes To The Dentist.
  2. Rachel visits Barry, her ex-husband at his dentist office.
    For comedic relief Chandler goes with her.
  3. Chandler makes a stupid joke.
  4. Barry pretends to laugh.
  5. Chandler thinks he's hilarious!
  6. Barry grabs a big ol' syringe of novocaine and jabs Chandler in the tongue for making a stupid dentist joke.
  7. Ouch!
  8. The Friends decide to go for coffee.
  9. Chandler thinks he sees something out of the corner of his eye and says "Jannath?"
  10. Rachael says "Jannath?"
  11. Chandler tries to enunciate. "Jannnnnnath!"
  12. Rachael says "Are you trying to say..."
  13. (Roll credits)
  14. So, yeah, you don't really want to be named Jannath because everyone would always go around saying