Requested by Lauren

Why Shorts are the Correct Clothing

My daughter, the smart mouth @PinkOnWednesdays, thinks I know nothing about fashion because I wear shorts every day of the year. Not true. I know a lot about fashion: you have to know the rules before you can properly break them. I know about fashion, I just choose to ignore it.
  1. For reference I don't always wear shorts. The exceptions? Wedding, funerals, wedding anniversary, and my wife's corporate dinners. This picture of from one of the corporate dinners, and I realize that you can't even tell I'm wearing shorts.
  2. One time I chose to not wear shorts during Spirit Week in high school. That's me on the right.
  3. A wedding. Ugh! Even a tie!
  4. I have such a reputation for wearing shorts that during Spirit Week a couple of years ago, on Twin Day a coworker wore my daily uniform without check I'd be wearing it. This wasn't the first time this has happened.
  5. Just think of the things you can do in shorts that you can't or shouldn't do in long pants:
  6. Relaxing on the beach.
  7. Showing off that you accidentally wore two different shoes to a store one day.
  8. Relaxing at the park.
  9. Don't even try to ride these bad boys in long pants!
  10. Surfing.
  11. This. Is. Me.
  12. Even the Most Interesting Man In The World raises a toast to wearing shorts.
  13. But mostly it's because I'm claustrophobic in long pants. They make me want to scream.
  14. Shorts are so relaxing.
  15. Shorts go well with flip flops.
    I got these for Xmas a few years ago.
  16. Bonus picture not of me. I just ran across this in my photo album and it made me laugh, so I wanted to include it. My friend Kathleen wore a tree skirt as a regular skirt for Christmas Sweater Day at school last year. It's so awesome!