1. Outdoor School!!
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  2. I've worked at a middle school for eight years now and have gone to Outdoor School every year so far.
  3. It is always, always fun. Good food, good kids, great learning, lots of outdoorsy stuff. Fun!
  4. It surprises me, but every year I have several kids tell me that the food at Outdoor School is much better than what they eat at home.
  5. The stories. We use crappy cafeteria style plastic cups at Outdoor School. One year a boy told me that they had three cups exactly like them at his house. He said that he and his brother usually share, because they only have three cups, but four people in his family.
    I almost cried.
  6. The stories! Here's a list I made about one kid in particular. Quotes From "John," a Special Ed Boy at Outdoor School
  7. Camp songs!
  8. It is NOTHING like this. Not even a little bit.
  9. For three days I get paid to run around on trails, play in the dirt, nap, sing songs and eat good food. Awesome!!