1. Literally
    This used to mean "real," but now means both "real" and "figuratively." I hate this!
  2. Fake
    This used to mean "not real," but now sometimes means "I don't like this."
  3. Fact
    This used to mean "true," but now sometimes means "not true."
  4. Cheat
    This used to mean "not following the rules," but in gaming culture it just means "shortcut."
  5. Explicit
    This used to mean "in great detail," but on the news it often means "unpleasant."
  6. Predictions For Future Word Meaning Changes:
  7. Honest
    This will one day soon mean "unless I get caught."
  8. Truth
    This will mean "If I say it's true, it's true." Alternatively, "opinion."
  9. United States
    This will be changed to "The Russian Annex Formerly Known As The United States."
  10. Television
    This will soon mean "any video on any device."
  11. Words That Meaning Hasn't Changed On:
  12. Album
    This isn't the same as LP. Stop acting like those words mean the same thing.