WUPHF.com / The List, And The List App, A Personal Revelation.

You've probably already realized this, but I hadn't known all of it.
  1. Obviously everyone compares Li.St with WUPHF.
    That's nothing new and not even funny anymore. If it ever was.
  2. The whole connection of the creator and all that.
  3. So I'm watching The Office yet again, for the I-Can't-Even-Guess-How-Manyth time.
    Not this one. The "An American Workplace" one.
  4. And in season 7, of course, there was an episode called WUPHF.com.
  5. We all know it.
  6. We all love it.
  7. We all want to WUPHF.
  8. Some of us probably drive this car.
  9. Uh huh.
  10. This is bullshit.
  11. BJ and Mindy.
  12. BJ and Mindy.
  13. Please note: they're in the same basic position.
  14. This got created and we all love BJ Novak to the moon and back. Obviously.
  15. But here's the part that blew me away.
  16. And I saw this coming up on season 8.
  17. There's an episode titles The List!
  18. Written by BJ Novak!
  19. So...BJ Novak wrote The List, then wrote The List App?! I just... I don't even know what to say.
  20. And then this happened, but we'll get over it.