I was in Hamburg in August 2015 and went out to find and photograph graffiti (which inadvertently led to a guided tour of the OZM Gallery, which was a very nice bonus). These are a selection of ten photos I choose for different reasons.
  1. Static
    I've always liked clever little additions to public space like this.
  2. Static
    A colourful, old-school style wall piece.
  3. Static
    I like the statement on this one (one of many about the culture and acceptance of graffiti in Hamburg).
  4. Static
    This is the first time I'd seen graffiti that uses textiles as part of the piece (this bird has fur)
  5. Static
    This is a pretty clever use space because it's a low wall and the kid is kneeling down.
  6. Static
    A classic tile piece, and a funky design too.
  7. Static
    This is simple, but colourful and quirky.
  8. Static
    I love that only the inside has been sprayed, it reminds me of those object d'art that are painted white on the inside and wood grain on the outside.
  9. Static
    I like the picture in this, as well as the replaced head, and it's a great message for any wall.
  10. Static
    I like one because it was in a locked playground behind a fence and some bushes, so I was pleased I could get a decent photo (without jumping the fence!)