my favorite topic

  1. I have 2 rescue animals, Bruce Wayne and Alfred
  2. Bruce Wayne is my first born son, the sweetest cuddle bug
  3. Alfred is his little brother
  4. They are still learning how to share
  5. Bruce Wayne, my happy circular kitty
  6. Alfred Pennyworth, my silly energetic puppy
  7. Hi do you have any pets?
  8. I have 2
  9. Look at this love bug
  10. I can't handle it
  11. Meow
  12. Bow Wow
  13. I spend most of my free time taking care of them
  14. Napping is common
  15. So sleepy
  16. This list could go on forever
  17. and ever
  18. it's not a bad life ✌️😊