because, let's be honest, I am not calling.
  1. Toothpick
    The weight and thickness of an avergae business card slides perfectly between my teeth. Voila, no more beef jerky stuck up in there.
  2. Stopper
    Fold, roll and stuff it in that little sipping hole. Nothing sucks more than your generous offer to pick up coffee for your co-worker turning into splish-splash stains on your favorite pink wool coat.
  3. Bookmark
    Don't remember John Smith from ABC International? Don't worry, he probably doesnt remember you either, but he will help you remember what page you left off on.
  4. Stencil
    Whether you like fancy nail art or a classic french mani, that straight edge can give you stripes and clean tips. The corners help with geometric fun or perfect polka dots.
  5. Kindling
    Just like those pesky parking receipts (and in my case, parking tickets), business cards have a way of piling up. Bring 'em all camping and even that damp Oregon wood will light up. (This is also incredibly cathartic.)