Some of these are just getting out right ridiculous. Please bring back Zoey 101.
  1. Pretty Little Liars
    You've been in high school for six years and I'm pretty sure it's been Halloween 11 times.
  2. Grey's Anatomy
    Everyone I love died and I'll never forgive them.
  3. Law & Order SVU
    I mean yeah, I'm definitely still gonna watch it, but 9/10 times its the famous guest star who's guilty.
  4. Secret Life of the American Teenager
    I'll be honest, I got as far as halfway through the first episode before I knew this wasn't happening for me. Feels like a sex ed video you're forced to watch in 7th grade.
  5. Ravenswood
    Hold on. It's been years, I've already dedicated so much time to PLL, I still don't know who A is, and you're trying to pawn me off into some other psycho teen town? With crows?? Leave me alone.
  6. The Carrie Diaries
    Really graspin at straws here, guys
  7. Awkward.
    Comparable to any other MTV teen television show ever made ever & every character is hate-able.