1. A Star is Born
    detailing the year Meryl Streep was born because let's face it guys, she's a star.
  2. Tumor Has It...?
    describing the events taken place soon after I was born in which the doctors had me tested to see if I had a tumor in my head because it was so big (true story)
  3. My First Audition
    telling the story of how I was forced to audition for two girls in the second grade in order to be a part of their friend group. I sang Can't Fight The Moonlight from Coyote Ugly.
  4. Circa 2009 BT (Before Texting)
    showing the correspondence of emails between my friends and I wherein I sent poems to the boy I had a crush on and discussed the possibility of him being 'the one' with my cousin
  5. The Dark Ages
    glossing over ages 12-13 aka the years I hit puberty, gained 15 pounds, got boobs, and still thought short-sleeved polo shirts with every outfit was a good look
  6. City of Angels
    a recount of my time so far in Los Angeles told through selfies of Kim Kardashian shaped like the lyrics of City of Angels by Thirty Seconds to Mars