How I Feel About Having Gifs on the List App Now (Told Through Gifs)

  1. Excited !!!!
    GIFS !!!!! ON THE LIST APP !!!!!
  2. A little nervous
    Is it pronounced jif or gif?? Will people know I'm pronouncing it wrong even if they're just reading what I wrote??? Does it even matter???
  3. Stressed tbh
    Like I already felt this pre existing pressure to be funny and cool on here and now there's the added pressure of GIFs and cleverly incorporating them into my lists it's just like what more do you want from me???
  4. Determined
    If you think I'm not gonna use this new feature to the best of my abilities, you are sadly mistaken, my friends. I'm on a mission. A mission to GIF.
  5. Ready as ever
    Let's freaking go