I'm thankful for the List App and for the grace the users will show me for posting this a couple days late.
  1. "I've studied the Pixar theory at length, dude."
    Said by my teenage brother to one of his teenage boy friends.
  2. "I don't care how much you beg. It's politics!"
    Whilst playing monopoly.
  3. "Lol ISIS, amiright?"
    I have no explanation.
  4. "OW"
    This was said by me, after being hit in the forehead with a Nerf gun.
  5. "Here's the thing. In the end, it'll pretty much end up paying for itself because when I wear it people will always wanna buy me dinner."
    My best friends reasoning behind purchasing a $400 dress. (This was technically said on Black Friday, but it was too good not to mention)