1. Estella
    From the book Great Expectations
  2. Elizabeth
    From Pride and Prejudice
  3. Eleanor
    For Eleanor and Park and my best friend(so probably the middle name)
  4. Luna
    From Harry Potter
  5. Fluer
    It means flower
  6. Rowena
  7. Lily
    Evans potter
  8. Dean
    For the supernatural fans
  9. Aslan
  10. Sawyer
    For tom sawyer's adventures
  11. Darcy
    You have bewitched me
  12. Cassette
    I wanna hear people sing
  13. Rosalind
  14. Scarlett
  15. Edgar Allen
    The RAVEN
  16. Newt
  17. Jace
  18. Cinder
    I love Merrissa Meyers
  19. Alice
    For those whose home is wonderland
  20. Maxon
  21. Annabeth
    For Percy jacksons one true love
  22. Ophelia
    For Shakespeare's