Or alternatively, reasons why I hate LA
  1. Only about 3/40 stops are places anyone would actually want to travel
    This includes: Pershing Square, Universal/Studio City, and ??????
  2. People waiting for the train don't know how to wait for actual passengers to get off before boarding
    This morning alone, I saw a mom and two kids as well as two old ladies rush through a train packed with people exiting just to get on. All at the door I was trying to get through! You know why???? Because several people in LA are selfish and impatient and have no sense of common courtesy
  3. Ticket/pass enforcement is laughable
    I once watched a hobo jump over the entry turnstiles in front of 3 metro workers. They did nothing.
  4. Unclear how to actually plan a trip
    Just try planning a trip with their website
  5. The guy that passes out business cards for "hot girls wanted for porn"
    Today I didn't get a card so I guess my frump level is high
  6. "Ticket checkers"
    The only enforcement the metro even attempts is to have two workers stand at the top of the stairs and try to scan everyone's tickets (again) in case they didn't scan them at the entrance (duh) but this just creates a huge mob, several people get through, and several people (like me) end up missing their connecting train and being late for work. Does this sound too personal?
  7. People shooting their music video on the train/in the station
    So this has only happened to me once, but hey this is LA it probably happens all the time!
  8. It smells
    The seats are like bus seats so they aren't as bad as the pee filled BART seats but the ratio of homeless people on every train is much higher
  9. You can't open the windows
    Sure there is air conditioning but when the big smelly homeless woman comes in and her smell permeates the entire train car, there is no solace until the train stops at its next stop and the doors open. Literally people run out of the train. I mean it, I watched it happen.
  10. The drivers??????
    I thought, since I take the expo line from Culver City, our drivers were just bad and constantly stopping (halting) because our train is on the ground and in the middle of the street (should be a reason to hate in itself). But I recently took the gold line to Pasadena and the driver kept stopping when we have a free track and no cars to worry about!!!!! The below ground trains (red and purple) are really where it's at