Fiona Apple's left behind a diverse range of live performances, ranging from stunning covers to strange and exhilarating new takes on some of her deep cuts. Here's our guide to the most essential.
  1. "Sleep to Dream" at the Vegoose Festival (2006)
  2. "Not About Love" at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre (2012)
  3. "Fast As You Can" at the Independence Jam (2012)
  4. "Extraordinary Machine" at the Hollywood Palladium (2012)
  5. "Parting Gift" on The Carson Show
  6. "Tymps" at the Independence Jam (2012)
  7. "Dull Tool" at Liberty Hall 2013
  8. "When I Get Low, I Get High" (Cover) with the Watkins Family Hour (2015)
  9. "It’s Only Make Believe" Cover with Blake Mills at The Sinclair (2014)
  10. "I Want You to Love Me" at Portland’s Newmark Theatre (2013)