Our five most recent tracks in the "Best New Track" category.
  1. King: "Hey"
    Review by: Marcus J. Moore Awarded on December 3rd. "It’s remarkably blissful, recalling tender milestones no matter how modest or grand."
  2. D.R.A.M.: "Signals (Throw It Around)"
    Review by: Sheldon Pearce Awarded on December 2nd. "With its infectious groove and embracing melody, the song's biggest signal is that D.R.A.M. is headed in the right direction."
  3. ANOHNI: "4 Degrees"
    Review by: Jeremy Gordon Awarded on December 1st. "When ANOHNI justifies to herself that "it's only four degrees," the falsetto note she hits is chilling and utterly devastating."
  4. Chairlift: "Romeo"
    Review by: Hazel Cills Awarded on November 30th. "Is 'Romeo' a fight song or a flirtation? For Chairlift, here, they are one in the same."
  5. Erykah Badu: "Hello" (ft. André 3000) [The Isley Brothers Cover]
    Review by: Jayson Greene Awarded on November 30th. "It's a spiritual conference call, the capper to a series of covers, reinterpretations, and covers of covers of reinterpretations—a game of, well, you know."