1. To a customer over the phone. "Okay, well I don't know where that is on the site but if you go to google dot com and type in the product you are looking for there, it should come up."
    Wait, seriously? Did you just tell a customer that? We launched this site almost two years ago. You use it every day. There's an on site search right at the top. And even a secondary search on the homepage.
  2. To a customer over the phone. "Okay, let me just reset the website and see if I can see it.."
    You do mean refresh your browser, right? But hey, go on and just reset the Internet while you're at it.
  3. It's something you'll learn to know.
  4. Wow! You have so many computers!
    Nope, just two.
  5. Can we add Canada as a language?
    Yeah, let me just call up the translation company and see what they say.