Virtual Reality 💚
  1. BLARP!
    More relaxing than yoga. This by far has been my favorite VR experience.
  2. Job Simulator
    Because being a gourmet chef in the evening is rad and copying old, moldy donuts in the office so you can puke them back out makes for a good Monday.
  3. AltspaceVR
    Okay, so remember when we were teens and yahoo chat rooms were in? Maybe it's a bit like that — but far more swank, almost Ready Player One swank. I'm terrible as disc golf and none of us could figure out how to use YouTube in the how to YouTube room, but there's a lot of cool shit and pretty rad individuals you get to interact with.
  4. BigScreen
    Yeahhhhh, I'll have to give this one another shot and answer later.
  5. The Lab - Longbow
    I've never shot a bow and arrow before, but I get the logistics. Everything about this experience felt so natural. Oh look, pick up the bow. Wait, I'm left handed.. Oh right, switch hands duh. Fire? Can I...? Yep! Shooting flaming arrows.
  6. Space Pirate Trainer VR
    Holy hell, what fun!
  7. Hydra Cover Shooter
    I've not been able to play this since DK1, but this game stole my heart and blew my mind.
  8. Epic Dragon VR
    This one made me sick, but I've only ever tried it in the DK2. Reminded me of the lawnmower man — I needed to be leaning forward against something, almost lying on my stomach.
  9. Valve's 'The Lab'
  10. Audio Shield
    No DDR, but definitely swank and worth the purchase.
  11. Cosmic Trip
    Looks super cool... And the idea is there. Just lacks delivery at this point in time. Do I build, harvest, throw frisbees, teleport? Too much going on too quick.
  12. HoloBall
    Whoa! This is far more fun than I though it would be. I'm not sure that I will play it more than just a few more times, but definitely worth trying out.