Albums that changed my life

  1. Green Day "Dookie"
    Because they made rebelling and standing up to authority a thing for the early 90's. Catchy tunes made this a classic. Songs 1-7 are pure gold.
  2. Nirvana "Never mind"
    High school is a tough time to find yourself and what you're about. Kirk Cobain made it seem you had a place to go and feel comfortable. #NeverForgotten
  3. Sublime "Sublime"
    Free spirited and easy going as they come, this was the #1 album to listen with your friends. Nothing but good times reminds me of this album.
  4. Eminem "Marshall Mathers LP"
    Lyrically unmatched, Eminem killed it with every song on this piece. At the height of his game he delivered pure gold. This album made me realize why rap always had a little spot in my heart.