In progress
  1. The Donald is Rabban Harkonnen
    The Beast Rabban is a petty, violent dictator temporarily installed on Arrakis. The idea being he'll be such a horrific ruler that the Fremen will be thrilled when the Baron Harkonnen throws him under the bus to install Feyd-Rautha.
  2. Pence is Feyd-Rautha
    The evil ruling party's favorite son. A charming exterior wrapped around a sadistic monster. Is brain washed by a religious order.
  3. Hillary is Liet-Kynes
    A government appointee with an in-depth plan crafted over decades to use incremental progress to save the planet. Died for it.
  4. Bannon is Piter De Vries
    The psycho junkie responsible for the sadistic plans to destroy the ruling party and install a fascistic dictatorship.
  5. Reince Priebus is Wellington Yueh
    Conditioned to be a harmless drone to members of the imperial court. Is finally broken by De Vries to overcome all of his training to give into the plan to destroy the ruling Atreides.
  6. The Saurdakar are the Alt Right
    The Emperor's army of fanatical soldiers. The Harkonnens won't acknowledge that they're the force behind their success. Think they're the strongest force in the universe until the common people rise up.
  7. Bernie Sanders is the Lady Jessica
    Finds herself placed in the center of an upheaval she hasn't foreseen. Manipulates the mythology of the common people to position herself as the harbinger of the revolution.
  8. The Indivisible Guide is the Weirding Way
    The secret fighting method that gives the Fremen the power to take back the planet.