I told myself I was going to read all the books I own this summer but I keep going to the library and getting books from them so whatever, at least I'm reading again!!
  1. Static
    Update: there were lots of tears. They are still rolling down my face as I type this. Although it dragged a little in the middle, the beginning and ends resonated deeply with me since I've got a pet myself & the MC's reactions to everything were just so real. He loved his dog fiercely and I love my cat the same way. Definitely would recommend this book but make sure you have tissues handy.
  2. Static
    A YA book about a girl with anxiety?? Um yes please! Sign me the eff up!! I love Sophie Kinsella as well (she replied to my tweet once) so I'm sure this book won't disappoint. **update: finished this book in just a couple of hours cause it was so good, the young lady's mom reminded me of my own and I appreciated the British-ness (also Linus sounds cute af, I need to find me a boy like that)
  3. Static
    Update: the book was so boring, I only made it 50 pages in before giving up. Would not recommend. Every night I would tell myself "just read a chapter before you sleep" and I'd wind up picking my ingrown hairs instead so if that doesn't tell you how boring this book was idk what will.
  4. Static
    Came up as suggested on my goodreads so I thought I'd give it a go. It was pretty funny - not groundbreaking or anything like that, a lot of things she talks about are common sense, but I did learn a couple new things as well! A very quick and easy read
  5. Static
    In high school my friends were comparing us all to Disney princesses and I was told I'm like Jane, which I think is awesome! That caused my Tarzan obsession to come back - we all know the Disney story but I'm interested to read the original ***update: I just couldn't get into it. I had to read the same page over multiple times before I actually digested what I was reading. I gave up after one chapter
  6. Static
    I LOVE Me and Earl and the Dying Girl so I'm excited to see if Jesse Andrews' next book is just as great ***update: wasn't as good as Me and Earl, but I still enjoyed it. It didn't feel like a Jesse Andrews book though, although I guess it's good that he isn't writing the same thing over again, kudos to him, I just prefer his other novel
  7. Static
    I've heard wonderful things about this book and I know it's probably going to rip my heart out but I'm exciting for it. (Also LGBT characters!!!) ***update: I. AM. SHOOK. And not in the way I thought I would be, I didn't cry or anything although the book did tug at my heartstrings. It was that ending though - Griffin's self-destructive issues were hinted at throughout the book but when it was actually revealed at the end it was SO NOT what I was expecting! Great book though
  8. Static
    (Pardon the terrible lighting) I've heard really good things about this book - I think it won some awards or something?? So we'll see if the hype is accurate. Also, the title is a Shakespeare reference so it's already got some brownie points. ***update: I finished this book in less than 24 hours because I literally did not want to put it down. I haven't read many other books that deal with rape but I appreciate the way the topic was handled in this one. It also takes place in my home province!!
  9. Static
    If I'm not mistaken my 2 best friends both read and enjoyed this book so I need to get on that ASAP - I've been checking my library nonstop and they finally had it today so I'm excited to read it & hopefully see the movie at some point too! **update: It was eh. At the beginning I hated the MC but I figured she'd redeem herself somehow - either way by the end I still didn't like her that much. The only thing that kept me reading was the secondary characters to be completely honest.
  10. **currently reading
    I've always been more of a Tina girl but I love Amy as well! I actually don't know that much about her but I enjoyed her SNL days so this should be fun!
  11. Static
    Another book with a LGBT main character!! I spend a lot of time looking for queer books and this was one of the ones I came across so I'm excited to see what it's like!
  12. Static
    I LOVE CARRIE FISHER! The news of her passing shook me to my core because I look up to her so much - she played a character I'll most likely name my future daughter after & she was open about her mental health and I just love her so much okay?