Maybe he'll be the Jim to my Pam, who knows?
  1. I started working on Friday
    I work at the same bank my mom does (she got me the job), M-F, 8-4, it's wild, but my job is to investigate issues where the customer's overpaid a bill or paid it to the wrong account and to get their money back/put it in the right place
  2. When I got there I was overwhelmed and everyone was like "Matt's new too don't worry"
    (Me & Matt being confused af all day every day) we're also the only two students in investigations - our department includes property tax and all the other students take care of that so we're the only ones who actually understand each other's jobs
  3. He cute
    When I met him he had a pen behind his ear & I just thought it was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen (he does that like every day - today I watched him grab another pen and then make a funny face when he realized he already had one behind his ear)
  4. And our cubicles are right next to each other's
    On my first day they said my cubicle was actually Matt's at first but the computer didn't work so they had to move him but they wound up getting me a brand new computer so I won't have to move (although they need to get me a second monitor because everyone has 2 and I only have 1)
  5. We didn't talk until my second day
    I got in before him and had to make a phone call so I was on hold when he sat down and said hi, I was v flustered tho so I was just kind of like "HI" in a high pitched voice
  6. At the end of the day he asked me how I was enjoying myself so far
    I told him I was overwhelmed and he said he felt the same way cause he's only been there one week longer than me, he was also asking if this is my first office job because it's his as well & he was pretty supportive, he said to ask questions if I'm confused but not to ask him because he'll probably be confused too
  7. We left the office at the same time (I lowkey waited until he was leaving to leave but I also was waiting to see if my mom was ready to go)
    I didn't actually expect us to leave at the same time because he disappeared while I started walking to the door but then he reappeared and left and I thought he was gone but I turned the corner and he was holding the door open and I was like "omg thank you" and then we were in the same elevator on the way down but his friend was there so whatever
  8. This morning there was a welcome breakfast for all the summer students
    We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves so I was like "hi I'm Ranita I work in investigations" and when it got to Matt's side of the room he was like "I'm Matt, I work in investigations TOO" AND THEN HE LOOKED IN MY DIRECTION (probably means nothing but it made me go !!!!)
    I was training with someone and Matt came by to drop something on his desk and I caught a whiff of him and was like oh my lord, and the dude training me was like "Ranita do you understand this?" And I was like "yeah yeah" and he was like "you're saying yeah but I don't think you do"
  10. He has such a cute smile too
    He came by again to say he'd finished something & my trainer looked it over and was like "good job Matt!" and Matt just looked at me, smiled and did a little fist bump and I was like oh shit waddup he's looking at me??? Me???
  11. I texted my friends in the group chat about him and tried to get a picture
    I finished early so I was sitting at my desk trying to discreetly snap a pic but I think the people behind me noticed because one of them was like "what is she doing?" and the dude training me was like "I told her to just chill until 4, I don't know" so like I don't know if they thought I was just on my phone or they knew I was taking pictures of Matt, I just ran the fuck out of there when it was 4 so it'll be fun to go back tomorrow
  12. Haven't updated in forever!!!
    Tbh nothing really happened regarding Matt until today - he was actually sick earlier this week (he got an infection because he cut his hand and then wore a dirty hockey glove I don't know - white boy problems I don't understand I guess) so yeah he's back at work now and we've been interacting more so imma give you actual updates from now on
  13. *me whenever Matt does something cute*
    Whenever this boy gets flustered or says something funny I just kind of sit at my desk smiling to myself or I'll laugh if it's something particularly entertaining. And I didn't think he noticed but more recently he's been making eye contact and smiling back when he notices me looking so that's a good sign I think???
  14. We're on the same team
    All the summer students have been assigned teams to come up with ways to make certain processes at the bank better & Matt and I are on the same team. At our first meeting he was flirting with our student leader which kind of hurt but like she's really cute so I get it lmfao and she wasn't into him so he's given that dream up now I think
  15. He was joking around this morning
    Giphy downsized medium
    He said he was shocked that I'm always in so early (because my mom starts before I do) so today he was there before me and he pointed it out when I sat down so I was like "for once!" and he was surprised at my sass and I was like "enjoy it now cause it won't happen again" #cutebanter
  16. He laughed at my joke!!
    Today at lunch one of the dudes was talking about how he's gonna coast through life and make 150k a year because he has so many connections and Matt was like "I'm aiming for 60k" and I was like "yo same" and then the first guy was like "I'm a white man, I'm gonna use my privilege to my advantage" and under my breath I was like "damn, must be nice" but Matt heard me and died laughing (side note: I'm the ONLY coloured person in our crew)
  17. He spoke to me??
    He leaned over the cubicle wall today to say that he always thinks people are saying his name and he gets confused & I was like wait are we work friends? Why are you telling me this? But he kept talking, saying that he heard a coworker lean back in his chair and go "ahhhhhh" and he thought he was saying "Maaaaaatt" and I was like "omg you're crazy" but then I was like "I mean it makes sense, your name sounds like a lot of common words" and we laughed and it was fun