My Life, in Pictures

I was going through my camera roll and remembered all the cool things I've done & naturally I felt the need to share them 😂 (this list was formerly called Coolest Things that Have Happened to Me)
  1. Running a gender & sexuality alliance for two years
    In grade 10 I impulsively applied to be secretary of my school's GSA. I didn't think I'd get it, but my mom kept going on about how extra curricular a would help me get scholarships and whatnot so I did it. When I was emailed to set up an interview they said they were going to consider me for PRESIDENT. I was shocked. I was an anxious mess during my interview but I got the gig anyways.
  2. Being cast as Allison in The Breakfast Club
    I originally auditioned for Claire. I felt like Allison was TOO me and I wanted to prove that I could play someone who wasn't a weirdo. I got cast as Allison anyways which was probably the better choice because I SLAYED (I took the role so seriously I even had a crush on the person who played Andrew - see below)
  3. Joining Drama club
    Kay, let's be real - I mean meeting Jade. She played the female equivalent of Andrew in The Breakfast Club with me and I totally fell in love with her. It caught me off guard, I had just got over a guy and I thought that was it for me and I'd never fall for anyone again and then Jade came along and I was like "no there's more than one person out there for me" - so S/O to Jade even though I haven't talked to her in 2 years and she has no idea 😬
  4. Going camping
    This was a school trip I wasn't supposed to go on. It was a part of an environmental program that I had dropped out of the previous year but the teacher in charge had already put my name down and got the funding for me to go so she invited me along and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was cold as balls and our tent kept falling down but I had my first veggie burger on the trip and it helped me not be so scared of bugs.
  5. RIP Moony
    My first year roommates wanted to get fish as that's the only pet we were allowed in res. I got this dude, good old Moony. Unfortunately we weren't told that these were tropical fish who required a filter and they all passed away within 48 hours. They were a good 48 hours though; I hope Moony's having a good time in fish heaven.
  6. Meeting Poe
    I showed up to class one day stressed about a fight I was having with my roommates. I told my other friend, Jenna, and when class ended early she invited me to her house to meet her guinea pig. Pet therapy was totally what I needed; there's nothing that can't be solved by feeding a guinea pig a carrot tbh
  7. Going on a really good date
    I had a crush on this dude for like a year and I finally made a move and he asked me out and we went on a date and it was a lot of fun (@steffary creepily took this photo that night). The dude wound up being a shady pothead who was seeing like 4 (5?) other girls but despite that, the date was still a fun time. And at least I can say I've been on a date now 😂
  8. Volunteering
    I joined a mental health group on campus during my first year and it was a great experience. I met so many cool people with the same interests as me. Being a part of the group also helped me seek out help with my own mental health which is amazing and I'm so thankful I got to be a part of the movement at my university 💕
  9. A Big Brother houseguest KNOWS WHO I AM
    My sister ordered me a t-shirt from Paul Abrahamian's clothing line for my birthday and she made a little note saying I was a big fan so he sent this note with my order and I screamed when I opened it - best gift ever! S/O to Monika and Paul 😄
  10. Getting a reply from Michael Stagliano
    Speaking of reality TV - my sister got me into The Bachelorette when I was 11 and my favourite contestant on Jillian's season was Michael so I sent him a Facebook message thanking him for making me laugh (I also included my favourite quotes from him). He was kind enough to reply and it made 11 year old me incredibly happy so thanks Michael ☺
  11. Visiting Paris
    My dad had been talking about this trip for years & I didn't think it would actually happen until one day last year he was like "Ranita I'm booking it" - I broke things off with this girl I was seeing and ran off to Paris for a week and it was lovely. I now understand what it means to be completely in love with a place and I would love to go back many more times.
  12. Meeting my best friends
    (Sorry guys, this is the only picture I have of the three of us 😬) I didn't think I was going to meet such awesome people in university but I did and I'm lucky enough to live with them until graduation. The 3 of us have been through so much together and I love and support them no matter what & will always be proud of everything they've accomplished (and will accomplish in the future!). We're literally going to be friends until we die and that's really special.