Random Thoughts & Questions

  1. Why is salad dressing called "dressing" when it's technically a sauce?
  2. #relationshipgoals
  3. Someone on tumblr said that All Star by Smash Mouth was released 2 days after the Battle of Hogwarts
    I need to check the validity of this
  4. Why does everyone keep telling me not to live my in-laws when I get married?
    I don't even want to get married
  5. Why does Ed Sheeran's music make me feel like I'm in love with someone when I haven't had a crush in like 10 years?
  6. I went to see my town's community theatre production of The Little Mermaid last night and they had all the mermaids on heelies to make it look like they were swimming it was great
  7. Damn spiders
    There was a spider in my room on Sunday and I was too scared to deal with it then so I just left it and then I was back at school for two days because I had an exam and then today I was in my room putting my books away and the spider is still there!!! Granted, maybe it's not the same spider but it's in the exact same spot the other one was so I'm thinking yes. I don't know, I'm too scared to deal with it again so I'm just leaving it for now
  8. My mom was married at 20
    Mom was telling me this the other day and I was like WTF and she was like "yeah I turned 20 in March and got married in August" which blew my mind because one of my roommates turned 20 in March so that would be like her getting married this August which I can't imagine because we're still just babies!!!
  9. I FEEL THIS DEEP IN MY SOUL ALL THE TIME EVERYDAY - I was talking about my ex with my dad the other day and I wanted to say "when we broke up" but instead I was like "when we.... stopped being friends" it was awkward
  10. How about instead of giving us two more movies in a franchise I don't care about anymore we get a pet-themed reboot?
  11. #relationshipgoals part 2
  12. Update re: the spider
    I was moving my books yet again yesterday when I noticed what I thought was a bit of fluff on the floor. Upon closer inspection I realized it was the same spider from before and it was not moving. I went to get my mom cause like idk what to do with a maybe dead spider so she looked at it and went "yup it's dead, I'll get the vacuum" so while she was gone I said a couple of words and had a funeral and she came back, sucked it up, and now it's gone. RIP.
  13. Can I marry Hailee Steinfeld?
    Up until recently Gigi Hadid was my #1 celebrity crush but she turned out to be problematic so I've been trying to figure out who my new number one is and it was close between Kristen Stewart and Hailee but Hailee ultimately wins 💕
  14. Can I teach myself how to sing in 4 months?
    My uni is doing a production of High School Musical that I'd love to be in but I can't sing for shit but I'm thinking I could figure it out by September right??? (I'm planning on singing Watch What Happens from Newsies because I lowkey (highkey) relate to Katherine)
  15. That's not how you ask a person for their number.. um what the heck? Try "hey could I have you number?" Or something to that effect instead. "What's your number?" is what I say to my friends when I'm placing an online pizza order and I don't want them calling me to confirm. (Also just note that the last time I spoke to this guy was 4 days ago when I messaged him and he didn't respond)
  16. ...oh
    I was on tumblr just now and I saw that my best friend reblogged a post and it was all about the things best friends do and everything I was reading reminded me of him so I was going to reblog it myself and tag him saying "this is so us" or something but then I got to the bottom and saw he'd tagged someone else and my brain did a little "...oh"
  17. How wonderful is it to meet someone who has the same sense of humour as you (& in relation to the same things you care about)? (Cue that song from The Last Five Years that goes "I think that I could be in love with someone like you")
  18. Hm
  19. I'm literally dreaming about filling out cheque statements
    I've been working at this bank for 3 DAYS and I'm already dreaming about this nonsense, fuck me
  20. There's a huge difference between loving someone and being in love with someone
    I love him, I know that in my soul, but I'm not IN LOVE with him. I know we're not meant to be together, and I know this is over in two months, I'm not tricking myself into thinking this could be long term. I love him like a long lost friend, we're two sides of the same coin and I love that I've met someone who understands me so deeply. I know that I won't be lost without him, and I know that we'll both continue on in our lives happily, but we're going to enjoy our time together while it lasts.