I used to work at a doctor's office in high school & I was invited to go back and help out occasionally throughout this summer and today was my first day back in over a year, it was pretty cool
  1. I didn't recognize anyone
    When I worked there, there were 3 full-time receptionists and a couple temp ones that I worked with - now only one of that original 3 still works there full-time and she was off today
  2. People will always think of me as part of my family
    Before I worked there my sister worked reception, and then our cousin took over for her and I took over for said cousin
  3. The doctors will mistake me for my sister even though she hasn't worked there in so many years
    So many I don't even want to count
  4. People take me much more seriously now that I'm in university
    In high school people would ask me about my future plans and I'd say I was going to go to uni to become a teacher and they'd give me their opinions (positive or negative) but today I told a couple patients I'm in uni and they were like "good for you!!!" and nothing else, it's weird
  5. No one asked about whether my sister's pregnant yet
    When I was working there my sister got married, and for the next two years after that everyone would ask whether she was going to have kids yet but no one asked me that today
  6. Patients will remember you
    There was one lady who called me by my sister's name when I checked her in and I told her that I was her sister and this lady, bless her heart, asked if we were twins and then was shook when I told her we're 8 years apart, and then she was saying that she remembers coming in on Saturday mornings and seeing my sister there and that warmed my heart
  7. My boss takes me seriously now too
    Years ago she'd just give me things to do and leave me to it, but today she'd actually talk to me like one of the gals, like she was telling me about how the freaking label machine wouldn't work and how one of the doctors was getting on her nerves and so on and so forth
  8. I'm allowed a lunch break now
    Granted, before I only used to work 4 hour shifts, but from time to time I would do full days and I'd just eat in the back room during down times, but today I was given 30 min off so I went down the street to the park and ate there
  9. Also I'm allowed to eat the treats in the back room
    I mean, I always was, but I wouldn't touch them unless no one else was around so they wouldn't think I was greedy, but there was Nando's today for some reason and my boss was like "take your break, get some food, have fun"
  10. One patient got us coffee
    She came in with her Timmy's tray and handed it over to my boss, but the patient didn't know that that full-time lady I mentioned earlier took the day off so she got her a coffee too, which oddly enough happened to be my exact order so I got a free coffee