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  1. So I think I might actually really like this guy
  2. We met on Tinder
    We live in a swipe culture - this is the only way you meet people these days
  3. When he asked me out he suggested we go to Sunset Grill and a vinyl shop
    Two things I freaking love
  4. When I got sick and had to cancel he was cool about it
  5. He even offered to pick up the record I wanted if they had it in stock
    (They didn't sadly)
  6. When I was better he asked if I'd be interested in going over to listen to his record collection
    Which is such a cute idea tbh
  7. But I had to say no because we've never met before and I can't go to his house if I don't know him
  8. (If things go well we can do that in the future)
  9. He pretended to be offended by my stranger danger comment and asked me how I could be so heartless
    Just witty banter! (Side note: I think it really means something that our senses of humour are on the same wavelength - humour is important to me in friends/potential boyfriends)
  10. I jokingly said I became this way after a guy followed me home when I turned him down on the bus
  11. This was his response:
    I don't think paraphrasing that would have done it justice tbh
  12. Basically I was like
    A dude who understands!!! How rare!!!
  13. Moving on, we're trying to figure a time to meet up, I was hoping for today but it didn't work out so hopefully next week
    It's hard tho cause my mom is very strict and asks a gazillion questions every time I go out. My dad might be okay with it but I can't tell him we met on the internet & I'd prefer not to lie to my father. Hopefully there's a way we can all win 😩
  14. In conclusion I'm listening to all the Taylor Swift
  15. (And Carly Rae)
  16. While at the same time reminding myself to chill
    We haven't even met yet!! I just feel like this is going to be good though. I hope it's going to be good - the last time I thought that it ended badly...
  17. So as of right now we're going out on Saturday
    Have a gif of the Gilmore Girls gazebo - there's one downtown in this park that he said he wanted to see, apparently he's a gazebo dude?
  18. So we had our first date yesterday
    And we both got to live out our Notebook fantasies and make out in the rain & it was really good, I have a cold now but it was worth it (& that's all I'm going to say for now) 🙈
  19. Y'all are getting just the highlights
    I've already written down literally everything that happened in my diary (I think we're at 15 pages and counting right now) 😬
  20. He taught me how to climb a tree
    Or he tried to anyways. We were discussing our bucket lists & I told him I'd never climbed a tree before and he stood up and was like "let's go" and I DID manage to get off the ground but I wasn't strong enough to actually pull myself onto a branch, but still - that's progress!!!
  21. We got ice cream
    Which was uber cool. We had The Talk a little later on where we discussed what we're looking for and he said he wants a girl he can take out for ice cream and take to the beach and just hang out with for the summer which I'm totes down for (he was implying that we'd be breaking up come the fall but I'm okay with that since he goes to university 6 hours away anyways)
  22. We went into a record store
    And he was so excited, it was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen. He also flipped a coin to decide which record to get & when he went to pay the cashier let him have it for half price and my date was SO happy, it was fun to watch (he was very concerned that he was boring me but it was the complete opposite)
  23. He also carried my purse for me
    He was originally just holding it while I was attempting to tree climb but then he wound up actually wearing it and tbh it suited him better than it suits me
  24. We ran into people I know from high school
    One of them used to throw bean bags at me in gym & my date was like "is there a dollar store around here?" And I said "no, why?" and he replied with "I was thinking we could get some bean bags and get revenge" and I was like holy shit it's going to be hard not to fall in love with you
  25. And then I had my first kiss in the rain
    Tbh I don't know whether it was my first kiss or not actually, I think I may have kissed a girl in elementary school but that doesn't really count so we'll say this one's the first - it was v nice, kind of messy because of the rain but I'm into it
  26. Also my Nicholas Sparks obsession is real
    I don't know if he picked up on it but when he asked if he could kiss me I responded with "I might be bad at it" but I guess I wasn't cause we made out like four times 😏
  27. Now I'm just trying to figure out if I should text him or if he'll text me or what
    The joys of dating amirite?
  28. My brain is telling me to ask him whether he's got a cold now too but that's weird wtf brain
    And he might get the impression that I'm pissed about when I'm not at all
  29. Also he's v feminist which I love
    When he showed up I was like "thank you for saving me from this awkwardness" and he was like "I'm not into that gender role nonsense where they guy has to save the girl" and then later he mentioned that he's pro-choice & we also support the same political party and I was just like 😍
  30. I led with the cold thing then
    And he still wants to see me again so I'm v happy as of right now 😄😄😄
    Okay so we've been talking non stop since that date & basically there's a really intense physical attraction between us (and a little bit of emotional attraction on my end but I know that's not what he's looking for) so if this relationship continues the understanding is that it's going to be purely physical and I'm just trying to figure out how I feel about that right now (I think I feel really good about it which is odd cause I can't remember the last time I was physically attracted to a guy)
  32. Me having this internal debate
    I'm a little stressed because part of me is like "your first time should be special with someone you love" but another part of me is like "you're both into each other, he's kind, he respects your boundaries, he's hot as fuck, what's the issue?"
  33. But why does he like me??
    Why does he want to sleep with me so badly?? I ain't shit!!! I'm ugly!! (Okay maybe not really but like I'm having a hard time letting myself enjoy this because it's just so unusual)
  34. (Dat boi always reminds me of him it's weird)
    I was actually down to sleep with him a couple weeks ago but that plan got foiled because I didn't have the house to myself like I thought I did (fuck you Michael for working from home) so another issue now is figuring out where to go since we both live with our parents and I don't want to be cramped in the back of his car #thestruggleisreal
  35. I know that my "traditional" view isn't shit anyways and I should do what I want
    Which is climb that boy like a mother fucking tree. I guess I'll see if things fall into place. If the opportunity comes up I'll take it and if not then boo hoo I guess?
  36. So that took a turn
    Maybe not really though. We did meet on Tinder after all, he did say he wasn't looking for anything serious. I just didn't expect myself to be okay with that because I thought I was catching feelings on our date but now I'm like nope I'm okay, I mean obviously I have to like him to some extent to have sex with him, but I don't think I'm going to fall in love with the dude. (I'm going to shut up now I feel like I'm rambling)
  37. I'm having an Emotion
    Last night we got into a fight because I misinterpreted something he said so I came clean and explained that I'm trying to sabotage this because I can't believe how good this relationship is & he responded with a lengthy message about how I'm allowed to be happy and I'm allowed to have good things happen to me and he said "I promise you everything is going to be okay, okay?" And I was like how can one person be so great and so good and so wonderful?
  38. Saw my boy yesterday
    And things got pretty NSFW but damn it was a really good time 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏