I feel like a YouTuber lmao! Time to tell y'all a story about this dude I was into but am not anymore 😂
  1. We met in middle school and I thought he was a total jerk
  2. Although I hated him we took the same school bus to and from school every day so we were kind of friends
  3. In high school all my friends hated him and we hade no classes together so we never spoke
  4. In grade 11 we were in a drama production together but I was into someone else so rather than developing romantic feelings for him we became actual genuine friends
  5. When I came out in front of my entire class he was one of the two people who told me I did a great job afterwards
  6. In grade 12 we were in another play together and he would joke around about sexual things with me but we were friends so I never thought much of it
  7. I went away to university and he started dating one of my friends
  8. I had previously had a crush on this female friend so their relationship made me go a little !!!!
  9. Over the course of their year and a half long relationship I kept seeing her post things about them on insta and shit and I was like "yo he actually seems like he'd be a good boyfriend"
  10. And alas, I began to have romantic feelings
  11. But I buried them deep deep down because he was with my friend!!!
  12. They broke up a little while ago but I figured I'd never have a chance anyways so I left it
  13. Until a couple days ago when I was swiping through Tinder and he came up and I swiped the wrong way
    Which I've actually done before because I swipe too fast - sue me
  14. I did what any rational person would do
    AKA delete my Tinder account, create a new one and swipe through until he came up again, swipe the RIGHT way
  15. We didn't match right away so I figured nothing was going to happen
  16. But then today we DID match and he messaged me
  17. So we started talking and I said that I'd always kind of wondered what we would be like together
  18. RIGHT away he started to discourage me but I didn't read that much into it, I thought that was him playing hard to get
  19. But then he was saying that he didn't think he was my type
    Because I'm "sexually reserved" and he's not
  20. So I was like "okay but that's not the only factor"
    And he deflected and said that sexual compatibility is a HUGE factor in relationships (um okay then weirdo)
  21. So I was like "okay, I'll take your word for it, it's not like I have any experience with that shit"
  22. And he hasn't replied
  23. What I Learned From This Interaction
    This young man is not who I thought he was. Granted that's my fault as we were only ever friends and I got caught up in what I saw on social media. However he's totally right that we aren't compatible (just in general) because he apparently has a thing against girls who aren't sexually experienced and I'm not into jerks who make me feel like I need to be sexually experienced in order to date them.
  24. Giphy
  25. Static
    Update: we're still friends which is nice. I mean I don't see him that often anyways but whatever 💁