I have really bad hearing.
  1. "Big fish kissy notes"
    It was actually Big Fish Casino
  2. "Pickles"
    Dad was saying something about "people"
  3. "Suck a dick"
    @steffary was saying something that was most DEFINITELY NOT "suck a dick" (neither of us can remember what she was really saying now - I think it was something about the dishes) but I just remember replying with "GIRL I'M TRYING TO" (I think I was waiting for a text from a dude at the time?) and she was v confused and then I had to explain and she was like "that is NOT what I said Ranita"
  4. "Sometimes I wish a polar bear would find me"
    You know that Green Day song that's like "sometimes I wish someone out there would find me"? Always thought it was "polar bear"; it was my favourite song as a kid