My list of go-to things to cheer me up/make me feel less shitty on bad days
  1. Giphy
    This one scene in Good Will Hunting is my source of comfort every time my depression/anxiety is being a little bitch. I am always Will, convincing myself that I deserve everything I get and this scene reminds me that I need to be Sean sometimes too and remember that my mental health isn't my fault and I did nothing to bring this on myself
  2. Static
    I always listen to this song when I'm away at school and I miss my dad. We don't talk constantly when I'm away and sometimes that makes me feel uneasy but the line "I know I haven't seen you lately, but you're always on my mind" helps reassure me that my dad's thinking of me and rooting for me
  3. Tea
    Maybe it's the Brit in me but things always seem to improve significantly after a cuppa
  4. Sincerely Me from Dear Evan Hansen
    This musical is amazing first of all. This song is so upbeat (^ just look at those moves), and it's funny, and it's just an all around happy song really. I can't listen to it and not smile
  5. Giphy
    How could I not mention something BJ Novak-related? Everything in the book is pure gold but The Man Who Invented the Calendar is my go-to
  6. Static
    Spending time with my homeboy Orlando is always a mood booster. He doesn't always let me pet him but he is usually down to play with me which is nice
  7. Static
    OH THE GOOD LORD KNOWS IT~ (also bonus points for being the theme song to one of my favourite TV shows: Please Like Me)
  8. Dear Evan Hansen, just as a whole
    I know I already mention DEH but the entire musical is such a comfort to me. A story about a teenage kid with social anxiety who messes up constantly but eventually comes to terms with himself?? Sign me up!!! And the songs just mean so much to me, especially Waving Through a Window & You Will Be Found, the soundtrack is just very reassuring for a socially anxious/depressed kid like me
  9. Pretending to be Chewbacca
    Lying on the floor or facedown on my bed making Wookiee noises is surprisingly cathartic