1. This is going to be a terrible list because the answer is I'm not really sure 😂
  2. It's a username I was already using elsewhere
  3. I think at the time I first chose it, it was just because everything else I tried was already taken, and I was like, well, what else do I really like?
  4. And I happen to own quite a few plaid flannels and was wearing them frequently at the time
  5. I like that they're '90s/grunge reminiscent which was my childhood
  6. And plaid flannels are timeless and also androgynous
  7. And they can be punk or preppy, and even worn to sleep in
  8. So it kinda says a lot about me but also nothing very specific?
  9. It's just kinda everything 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Maybe I should post pictures of my plaid flannel collection 😂
    Honestly most of them are from Urban Outfitters though, so it's not super exciting
  11. Thanks for the request and sorry it wasn't more interesting! 😅