Things That Are Good in the World

  1. Talking to @Cheezit1970 and @jessilee23 and how they make me feel like I'm normal and not a freak for having a bad family
  2. @jennifergster and @veshecco and and @pathb and @Diplomatic_diva and @Dashelamet and @michellejennifer and @k8zinker liking my Instagrams and making me feel like I'm being heard and not just screaming into the void
  3. Pocky
  4. Arnold Palmers
  5. Skinny jeans
  6. The Golden Gate Bridge on pretty much any day and clear nights
  7. Wyder's raspberry cider
  8. Doctor Who
  9. Pretty much all BBC shows
  10. Walking with a bunch of heavy groceries and turning the corner and seeing all the lights spread out and how it takes my breath away every single time
  11. Twin Peaks
  12. Hats
  13. Excedrin 🙏🏻
  14. M Train by Patti Smith
  15. The de Young museum
  16. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
  17. Of Monsters and Men
  18. When I was homeless for a week and I was buying nail clippers and a multipack of underwear and feeling so low, I still stood in line dancing to my iPod and the cashier said, "Hey shawty, I see you dancing. You got the right attitude."
    I forget that so often, but it makes me feel like I can survive anything if I could smile and dance in a Target on that day.
  19. The smell of eucalyptus trees
  20. See's Candies
  21. "All Is Full of Love" by Bjork
  22. Sourdough
  23. Welcome to Night Vale
  24. Fluffy socks
  25. Getting a good review from a buyer
  26. Cinnamon mouth wash
    A la the Disneyland Hotel circa 1995
  27. Clean sheets
  28. Bonfires
  29. Money you earned for yourself and whatever you buy with it
  30. Pajamas straight from the dryer
  31. When you rock an interesting eyeshadow look and manage to pull it off
  32. Puppy cuddles
  33. Being front row at a concert
  34. Seeing wildlife when you're walking around
    Nothing dangerous
  35. When someone texts you first
  36. A particularly nice smelling body wash
  37. The moment right after you finish a truly good book when the world feels bigger
  38. The day after you dye your hair
    Bye greys 👋🏻
  39. Sprinting through the end of a run
  40. Cooking something new that comes out really good
  41. When someone else wants to dance too
  42. Free museum days
  43. The beach
  44. Looking at someone you love and just seeing galaxies
  45. The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast
  46. This:
  47. (Continued)
  48. Levar Burton Reads
  49. meet ups
  50. Cypress Hill's instagram comments 😂
  51. This: