1. Felt like crap, as usual, nothing surprising
  2. Finally got out of the house to get some groceries
  3. But the sun was going down and it was relatively warm, so I walked past the grocery store and all the way to the beach
    I instagrammed it
  4. I was listening to a murder podcast which was kinda strange, and some jerks had glass bottles and cigarettes (prohibited for obvious reasons), but I still felt a little better being there
  5. Then I walked up the street and bought dinner
  6. I stopped at the grocery store on the way back and bought fruit for breakfast and ice cream
  7. I'm sitting here now eating the food (tried warming it for a bit but that didn't really work and I was hungry so I gave up..might actually try again in a minute because I hate cold food especially if it's supposed to be warm)
  8. I am watching Dark Matter
  9. And drinking sparkling wine
  10. And I don't really feel great about things, you know
  11. How could anyone right now
  12. But...I also feel pretty good about life
  13. It was such an average day, but, I don't get too many of those
  14. And at the restaurant I went to, well it's really a take out place with a small table, but anyway, the family of one of the employees stopped by. They were parked outside, and the kid was yelling, "Papa!" out the car window
  15. And honestly the look on the guy's face as he walked past me to go see his kid
  16. That was worth so much, you guys
  17. So much.
  18. And then I recorded a bumpers episode of drunk karaoke but sobered up just enough to delete it. Sorry 😂