Moby, the musician, was a hot topic today at work in the book conservation lab I work at. One of my colleagues is mending a first edition Moby Dick so naturally Moby the musician came up.
  1. Did you know Moby used to go to a high end strip club my friend worked at?
  2. Funny, someone recently asked me if I wanted to strip for farmers in the country to make big bucks.
  3. Huh, I wonder what sort of drugs Moby does
  4. Probably high end synthetic drugs just on the market that we've never heard of?
  5. What does Moby's drug dealer look like?
  6. What do high end drug dealers typically look like?
  7. Do you think Moby is attractive?
  8. No but maybe I would hang out with him, I like the whole vibe
  9. Do you think Moby is good at bowling?