The Snacks I Hide From My Children in my Nightstand

Kids Are Like Seagulls Sometimes.....
  1. Fiber One Brownies
    Once my 13 year old ate 3-4 at a time when I stored it in the common snack place in the kitchen and he had diarrhea. Wonder why huh?
  2. Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps
    Black pepper is my favorite!
  3. Skinny Pop
    My kids think movie popcorn rocks - so, for this reason, and this reason alone, you couldn't possibly appreciate the simplicity of my Skinny Pop!
  4. My XXX Acai-Blueberry Pomerganate
    I really think it is about the bottle shape that turns on my 9year old and the "cute pink" color for my 7 year old. This is why I hide them!
  5. Animal Crackers
    Need I say more? These things are like a kid magnet! Hidden, so my bag last me forever....just a few savored at a time!