Honestly I'd consider this a skill of mine
  1. Breakfast burrito at Bellissimo in Venice
    Sub in veggie sausage, because you're a vegetarian
  2. Bean and cheese burrito, Del Taco
    Red sauce, plus rice and lettuce. This is seriously a price performer. 99 cents.
  3. Veggie Works Burrito, Del Taco
    This is a new item for Del Taco and it seems like a pretty direct response to Taco Bell's 7-layer burrito, but I think it's much better.
  4. Build your own burrito option at Whole Foods
    You are the master of your destiny! I recommend the fajita veggies and the seitan. Sometimes they'll be bratty and try to charge for an "extra protein" when you do this, but most of the time you get a nice person and it's chill.
  5. Bean and cheese burrito with rice and lettuce at Chanos on Figueroa
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    I've heard this place has closed but I'm including in this list out of solidarity. Here are some photos of me at Chanos.
  6. Another photo of me at Chanos
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    List only allows you to add 1 per bullet
  7. Here I am at Chanos again
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    Terrible selfie
  8. Chanos during daylight
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    This is basically a list about Chanos.
  9. The veggie burrito at Casalinda on Abbott Kinney
    Sometimes it's a little too heavy on the zucchini for my liking (unless we're at Benihana, I'm not super into zucchini), but this is the type of burrito that you can eat and not really feel bad about later because it's loaded with grilled veggies. Best if you add cheese. Snack on a jalapeño while you wait for your 'rito!
  10. Anything from Tacos Por Favor
  11. and the day after I had a great veggie from Cofax on Fairfax
    Suggested by @joshthecook