I am the director of social media at an online publisher. There are lots of people, lots of content, and lots of questions. Here are some of the highlights. I'm sure this will be a running list.
  1. Can I mention God in this tweet?
  2. Can I mention Jesus in this tweet?
  3. Can I say "slavery" in this tweet? As in, "Free your armpits from the slavery of pit stains"?
  4. What is the Snapchats?
  5. How do you spell "Meerkat?"
  6. Is it cold in here?
    A little.
  7. Is this a good photo of Rihanna?
    Yes, stupid, all photos of Rihanna are good.
  8. Does this blush look like a nipple in this Instagram?
    It kind of did.
  9. Do you think people will pick up on this Wu-Tang Clan reference?
    This is a question I asked. I was really pushing for a Wu-Tang lyric as a newsletter subject line. It was found to be "off-brand."