10 Hacks for Staying Creative During the Work Week

It can feel impossible to stay creative if you're stuck in a cubicle all day, but that shouldn't be the case! These hacks will help keep the juices flowing even in the dullest of environments!
  1. Set your alarm clock half an hour early and get creative!
    Sometimes, it's up to you to make time to do the things you want to do! Keep your favorite creative tools by your bed and get creating as soon as you wake up.
  2. Make a creativity sticker chart
    Give yourself a sticker every time you reach a creative goal! Deep down we all love to be rewarded for our efforts.
  3. Bring a cute notebook everywhere you go
    You don't want to miss it when inspiration strikes! Bringing a cute notebook with you means that you'll always have a place to jot down all of your good ideas!
  4. Download painting apps for your commute
    If you ride the train or bus to work in the morning, then you have plenty of time to get creative on your commute! Download a painting or coloring app, and voila!
  5. Get creative with office supplies
    Try creating a sculpture out of the supplies lying around your desk. Being creative doesn't mean creating a work of art all the time, sometimes it's about not being totally serious all the time!
  6. Invest in desk toys
    Taking a break and letting your mind wander is how some of the best ideas are created. Having toys at your desk gives you something else to focus on when you need a break and could help you facilitate new ideas!
  7. Try 'speed creativity'
    Get your supplies together, set a timer for five minutes and get to creating! Making a habit of setting aside five minutes can help in the long run! You might find that five minutes could easily turn into five hours!
  8. Make a list of creativity prompts
    It's easy to get stuck in a rut! Having a list of things to inspire you can lead you to the right direction and help you mix things up!
  9. Create a team doodle space in your workplace
    Most people love to be creative- even if they don't realize it. Setting up a whiteboard in the office allows everyone to doodle to their heart's content and inspire unexpected creativity.
  10. Spend your breaks in nature
    Immersing yourself in nature will always be more inspiring than sitting in your cubicle. Turn your lunch break into an outside adventure and change things up!