10 reasons dudes dig Plant Nite

If you're a dude looking for a down to earth (pun intended) nite out, then check out these reasons why you should go to Plant Nite.
  1. Buds and buds with buds
    Drink a couple Buds with your best buds while budding your own greenery.
  2. Locally grown
    Events take place at local bars, so you won't spend a fortune on transportation. Plus, you'll get to check out spots you've never been to.
  3. Ladies, man, ladies
    With a high girl-to-guy ratio, you're bound to meet someone.
  4. Girlfriend, man, girlfriend
    Buying flowers is out. Creating terrariums is in.
  5. Save some green by planting some
    Skip the expensive trip to the game, casino, or golf course. You won't be spending $15 on a beer at Plant Nite.
  6. Easy come, easy grow
    You don't have to be a master gardener to have a great time. Plant Nite us for all thumbs.
  7. Ya diiiiiiiiig
    You get to play with dirt.
  8. Sweet dreams are made of green
    Gardening has been known to alleviate stress.
  9. 2 dudes invented it
    Our founders are just a couple of bros on a mission to make every girl and guy have an awesome, creative nite out.
  10. Extra terrestrial
    Get in touch with the earth. Grow something.