1. Pinterest / pinterest.com
    Once I got past all the nail art and thinspo and live laugh love crap and found people who curate the good stuff, I learned about so many artists and designers and beautiful places and things and people that I didn't know about before.
  2. Radiolab / radiolab.org
    "Radiolab is a show about curiosity, where sound illuminates ideas and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy and human experience." Yep. My favorite episode is "Yellow Fluff and Other Curious Encounters."
  3. Austin Kleon / austinkleon.com
    Austin's blog and books "Steal Like An Artist" and "Show Your Work!" are necessary reading for any creatives trying to figure out how to be. Also, he's a big fan of lists.
  4. Maira Kalman's NYT blog / kalman.blogs.nytimes.com
    Maira Kalman is a great illustrator with a strange and wonderful mind. Her words + pictures are perfection.
  5. Rookie Mag / rookiemag.com
    for teenage girls and, ahem, 34yo women. I wish this smart great zine/blog had been around when I was a teenager. feels like the badass evolution of Sassy Magazine x10.
  6. curated found photo archive, amazing to behold.
  7. The Selby is in your place / theselby.com
    Photographer Todd Selby visits the homes and workspaces of creators and makers.
  8. The Impossible Project / us.impossible-project.com
    In 2008, Polaroid ended production of their instant film, and the Impossible Project bought their last factory and all their dismantled equipment, and reverse engineered the process.
  9. Some Photos of That Day / photooftheday.hughcrawford.com
    Jamie Livingston took one photo a day for 18 years, from 1979 - 1997, with his Polaroid SX-70 camera. Then, at 41, he died. This is an online archive of all his daily polaroids, created by his friend Hugh Crawford.
  10. Instagram / instagram.com
    Duh. I know. But also, I'm serious. Like Pinterest, if you follow people whose points-of-view truly inspire and teach you about the world, it can open you up to so many things you would never otherwise know about or think about.
  11. Austin Kleon posted this thing once that I think about a lot:
    A generation ago, an artist needed New York. Now an artist just needs the Internet.