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  1. January
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    my grandparents and I took a road trip from Iowa to Los Angeles. this was Santa Fe.
  2. February
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    I went to Chicago in the dead of winter to celebrate the marriage of my friends Matt and Chelcie.
  3. March
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    I got to go to WB with my darling friend Stephen Cone to sound mix his wonderful movie "Henry Gamble's Birthday Party," which I production designed.
  4. April
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    amazing Comedy Bang! Bang! art crew not only does great work but sweetly participates in my cheesy Instagram ideas.
  5. May
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    celebrating the end of our epic (40 episode) season on CBB. 😒 it was a very long season.
  6. June
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    Got to work on a movie in the weird little town of Sebastopol, and this was the first thing I saw when I arrived. I immediately knew I'd like it there.
  7. July
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    On my birthday, I drove an old VW van to the beach at 5am. I was working but it was sorta magical.
  8. August
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    Took a road trip with my two best friends from New Orleans to New York. Here's Jenny on the gulf coast. I love this pic.
  9. September
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    In September I got to live in Brooklyn. 🙌
  10. October
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    I got myself a lil Amtrak sleeper car and rumbled romantically from the east coast over to my Midwestern homeland.
  11. November
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    I got to spend thanksgiving with my little brothers and sister. ✌🏿️❤️
  12. December
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    In December I watched 1 million screeners 😍