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  1. January
    my grandparents and I took a road trip from Iowa to Los Angeles. this was Santa Fe.
  2. February
    I went to Chicago in the dead of winter to celebrate the marriage of my friends Matt and Chelcie.
  3. March
    I got to go to WB with my darling friend Stephen Cone to sound mix his wonderful movie "Henry Gamble's Birthday Party," which I production designed.
  4. April
    amazing Comedy Bang! Bang! art crew not only does great work but sweetly participates in my cheesy Instagram ideas.
  5. May
    celebrating the end of our epic (40 episode) season on CBB. 😒 it was a very long season.
  6. June
    Got to work on a movie in the weird little town of Sebastopol, and this was the first thing I saw when I arrived. I immediately knew I'd like it there.
  7. July
    On my birthday, I drove an old VW van to the beach at 5am. I was working but it was sorta magical.
  8. August
    Took a road trip with my two best friends from New Orleans to New York. Here's Jenny on the gulf coast. I love this pic.
  9. September
    In September I got to live in Brooklyn. 🙌
  10. October
    I got myself a lil Amtrak sleeper car and rumbled romantically from the east coast over to my Midwestern homeland.
  11. November
    I got to spend thanksgiving with my little brothers and sister. ✌🏿️❤️
  12. December
    In December I watched 1 million screeners 😍