found an amazing 80s catalog at the thrift store today called No Sweat! featuring embellished sweatshirts and very cool poses.
  1. this girl in the voluminous look
  2. this girl with the sass
  3. these smilers
  4. her of the tuxedo sweatshirt
  5. she who prefers this no neck pose
  6. this no nonsense stare down
  7. this girl with the gold swoosh and the fear in her eyes
  8. this coy side eye
  9. this hair fluffer
  10. this strange tweaking of the tassels
  11. this suspender action
  12. this awkward apple holder
  13. this casual look
  14. these bad mood girls, one of whom is inexplicably poking the other
  15. this glaring badass in the heart covered mock neck