there is so much good tv to watch, and I'm watching . . . mostly other stuff.
  1. Younger
    This show is about a 40 year old divorcee pretending to be 26 to get back into the competitive publishing world (and bonus she ends up dating a very hot twenty something tattoo artist). I can't decide if this show is feminist and socially relevant or just light sudsy ridiculousness, or maybe a bit of both, but I'm really into it. And as someone in my early 30s, I can't figure out which life I identify with more; a love triangle may be blossoming with a man her own age and it's got me like 💞.
  2. The Shannara Chronicles
    This bizarre MTV fantasy show is about a bunch of elves living in a green LotR-like world with evidence of former human civilizations all around (the Space Needle is now a moss covered ruin). The rift keeping demons out is breaking down and a tough Elvish princess and goofy (but hunky) half breed have to save the world (and possibly fall in love). Unfortunately most of the cast are teeth-whitening LA types so boring pretty I can't tell them apart, but I've probably seen them at Whole Foods.
  3. Shadowhunters
    This show is so bad I hardly have anything to say about it. I did read the books, and the preview seemed to have a Buffy vibe, so I was vaguely interested, but the writing is terrible, and once again all the actors look like actors, not demon fighting badasses. The main character, in particular, is supposed to be a strong girl just figuring out her potential, but instead seems like an insipid bore who wandered in from a noxema commercial. It's on "Freeform" which used to be ABC Family? 🙄
  4. The Magicians
    This is a new SyFy show and I never seem to get into SyFy shows. But so far the writing is good, the vfx are cool and the cast isn't boring. The main character is recruited to a kind of Hogwarts graduate school, which has some connection to a series of children's books reminiscent of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and he is apparently the chosen one? For what we don't know yet. So all the familiar elements are there, but so far I'm somehow still intrigued.
  5. Recovery Road
    Another midseason "Freeform" premiere. It's a teen show that's not unwatchably cutesy or horribly melodramatic (though it will no doubt have moments of both). It stars two beautiful yet interesting actors who were previously on Skins series 5 and 6. The original British Skins was a teen show with a truly unique cast who seemed like real kids - no sign of the boring pretty shiny actor types. Funny to think of the wild kids from skins now in recovery on puritanical American TV, but so far I'm in.
  6. Skins
    So once I watched Recovery Road, I had to go back and rewatch Skins. Still great. Still some of the most stylish and unexpected costume and production design on tv. Still feels like a beautifully realized, slightly surreal, yet totally real, heightened sensory experience of what it feels like to be a teenager. (And I'm talking about the OG British Skins, NOT the MTV remake.)
  7. Unreal
    I know everybody was taking about this show last summer, and I was like, Shiri Appleby? Cool. But I never watched it until now. It's weird and dark and somehow encapsulates everything that's messed up about American society in one little behind-the-scenes reality show. I love the guy drama and the manipulation and the misleading storylines in a way I never do on actual reality television. I love the way they use the verb produce like, "I'm gonna produce you." A weird threat/promise.
  8. Top Chef
    Last season had so many likable chefs, but this season we are down to nine and I still don't know who I'm rooting for. Kwame maybe? There are always the familiar types: the bro, the smug one, the tough girl, the sloppy one, the young one who isn't as good as he/she thinks. It's fun to see familiar places and chefs from around LA, but mainly I just bide my time until Blais comes back on the screen.