I really liked it.
  1. Her beauty was that rare kind that made you want to look more like yourself and not like her.
  2. We look like we're in a song.
  3. In one instant her behaviors turned from charming to borderline hysteric. People could feel her failure coming. She smelled of something rotten. Her youth had died and she was dragging around the decaying carcass. I had somehow become a pallbearer.
  4. Sometimes I really just think I'm smarter and better than everyone else. Not necessarily with math or science or whether something is east or west but pretty much with everything else. And if I could figure out my look I'd be the most beautiful woman in the world too.
  5. Sometimes I think I'm a genius and I wish I could just fast forward my life to the part where everyone knows it.
  6. She had made rich fat women less fat and rich stupid kids less stupid and lame rich men less lame and she wanted so badly to be on the other side. To be fat and stupid and lame and rich. But what she couldn't see most of all was that those people were nothing compared to her. They were matches to her bonfire.
  7. She was the last cowboy, all romance and failure.
  8. Being a beacon of hope for lesser people is a lonely business.