1. Honey Nut Cheerios and Pride & Prejudice
    You add blueberries to the cheerios, though strawberries or sliced bananas would also be pretty good, you think, and you go with the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, but the 1995 miniseries or even the audio book read by Rosamund Pike would work. You wonder if Mr. Darcy might have a touch of Aspergers, and thank your dad for forcing you to take home the giant box of cheerios from his pantry (he had 4 - bought in bulk at Costco).
  2. Indian Takeout and Tarot
    You try a new indian place you've never tried before, possibly choosing it because your favorite thai place is inexplicably and tragically closed, and break open your new deck of tarot cards by Rachel Howe (@smallspells) and give yourself a practice reading. The korma is a bit disappointing and the samosas don't come with any tamarind chutney but the paneer tikka is quite good and the first two cards in your reading blow your mind. That 4 of cups. Wow. It breaks your heart just then.
  3. Cheese Puffs and the I5 through Central California
    It's a miserable drive through dusty draught stricken fields filled with signage that says "Is Growing Food Wasting Water?" and "Another Farmer for Trump." You stop at a gas station complete with truck stop showers and video poker. You buy cheese puffs. They seem appropriate. They are orange and dusty and stick to your teeth. This is America, you think. Vast, complicated.
  4. Chilaquiles and Seattle
    You are in Seattle for 6 hours. You've never been there before. You eat chilaquiles at a vegetarian diner and spend hours in a vintage shop looking at old photos and postcards and flashcards and trading cards. You meet a man on the bus who tells you you're beautiful and hands you his business card with a picture of a saxophone on it. You ask if he plays the sax and he says no.
  5. Train Travel and Small Existential Crises
    You get yourself a little tiny room (a roomette, in fact) and settle in for 40 hrs. You travel along the edge of Puget Sound and through Glacier Ntl Park. You meet two sisters in their 60s who just competed in the Rubik's Cube Championship in Portland. You meet an 82yo veteran who lost his wife last year and would have happily followed her the next day. He's taking one last trip, he says. You meet a handsome boy with shining curls. You sleep on your little bed and stare out at the stars.
  6. A Fish Fry and a Game of Hearts
    Your grandfather fries the fish on Friday night. Walleye and bass caught in the lake that surrounds you. You are in a little cabin on a little island in the middle of it. The fish fry is a thing you have dreamed about for five years. You eat and you play hearts with your family. Your little sister, 9, is learning to shuffle the cards the fancy way. You show her one more time. Your brother tries to shoot the moon, like always. Your mom keeps score like always. Your grandpa wins like always.
  7. Cinnamon Pancakes and Stranger Things
    Saturday on the island it rains all day. Your grandfather, always the cook, makes stacks and stacks of cinnamon pancakes and your whole family, from your 10yo brother to your 75yo grandparents, gather around the 19" tv and watch episode after episode of Stranger Things. Your little brother sits on your lap and whispers theories in your ear about where Will is and what the deal is with Eleven.
  8. Floating in the Lake and Holding Hands
    You lie on a raft in the lake. Your little sister sits on a nearby raft and sweetly reaches for your hand so you don't float away.