I mostly wrote down other people's words. they were hopelessly 90s and embarrassingly romantic and mostly about movies I guess. I worked at an art house movie theater. I devoured the video store shelf by shelf. this was before Pinterest and iPhones so I just wrote it all down and pasted in pictures with a glue stick.
  1. Robert Bly, "The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us"
    Let's suppose that we have miniaturized certain parts of ourselves, flattened them out, and put them inside a can, where it will be dark. Then one night-always at night-the shapes reappear huge, and we can't take our eyes away from them. We drive at night in the country and see a man and woman on an enormous outdoor movie screen; we shut off the car and watch...
  2. Graphis Magazine, on Theaters by Hiroshi Sugimoto
    There are books you haven't read yet but certainly will, books you can't admit to never having looked at, books with jackets that once caught your eye but now seem hopelessly out of date, books sold to you by dealers with names like Moe and Dolores, books in which the Tarot is referred to favorably. But what about books that glow in the dark? Or books in which you can hear the sounds of the sea, or books that make time slow to a crawl?
  3. Man Ray
    I would like to see something in a film that I have never seen, that I don't understand.
  4. David Wojnarowicz
    I was sitting in a coffee shop having a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Two people at a nearby table were talking about me. I knew one of them years and years ago. I heard him say to his friend: "When he was younger he was kind of beautiful but as he got older it was like a cake fell in the oven."
  5. Francesca Lia Block, "Safe Love"
    Of course, when you are not in love you just see how Picasso took all those beautiful women-too many to remember, those Doras and Françoises and Olgas-and how he broke their perfection into hard fragments and shredded their lips so their mouths were just xylophones of teeth and knocked their eyes to the other side of their heads. If you are in love you see the work of a man who never rested, whose fingers exploded with color, who drew his women in all their tenderness and winged eyelid beauty.
  6. J.D. Salinger, Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters
    She sat stirring her drink and feeling unclose to me. She worries over the way her love for me comes and goes, appears and disappears. She doubts its reality simply because it isn't as steadily pleasurable as a kitten. God knows it is sad. The human voice conspires to desecrate everything on earth.
  7. Mark Twain
    Man is a marvelous curiosity. When he is at his very very best he is a sort of low-grade nickel plated angel; at his worst he is unspeakable, unimaginable; and first and last and all the time he is a sarcasm.
  8. Sylvia Plath
    You are 20. You're not dead, although you were dead. The girl who died. And was resurrected. Children, witches, magic. Symbols. Remember the illogic of the fantasy. The strange tableau in the closet behind the bathroom: the feast, the beast, and the jellybean. Recall, remember: please do not die again: let there be continuity at least.
  9. Sex and the City
    "He's madly in love with . . . Katie." "K-K-K-Katie." "Yeah, but he can't be with her because she's too complicated and she has wild curly hair." "Hello? C-C-C-Curly." "Yeah, so he leaves her and marries this simple girl - with straight hair." "Ladies, I am having an epiphany. The world is made up of two types of girls, the simple girls and the Katie girls. I am a Katie girl. And where are our drinks?"
  10. Amy Jenkins, "A Romantic Rampage"
    There must be a neural pathway in my brain that links the activity to the image - seemingly arbitrary but persistent nonetheless. And the pathway gets more and more worn and the brain electricity just keeps going on that way. You know in parks when paths between paths get worn across the grass because that's the way people want to go, they call those paths lines of desire. Well, the geography of my mind keeps bringing me back to you.
  11. Melissa Bank, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing
    You can feel that he wants to own you - not like an object but like a good dream he wants to keep having. He gets a Polaroid camera and is constantly snapping your picture. In his favorite, you're laughing hard, wearing a pair of his shorts on your head beret-style. He says you look like Patty Hearst, captured in a lighthearted moment with the Symbionese Liberation Army. He says he loves that picture because he can see the silver in your fillings.
  12. Me, 12/30/01
    I went to Pasadena and saw Donnie Darko. My dad dropped me off. The seats were very uncomfortable and the lights kept flickering. The boy in the movie was sometimes cute and sometimes very frightening. There were great images and lines. I can only remember, "Well, you're right. I am troubled, and I am confused, and I am very frightened. But you, you're the fucking antichrist." The end was weird because it was like the past was put to right, and then he laughed and died. I liked it so much.
  13. Me, when I worked at a movie theater 1/7/02
    I looked in on Moulin Rouge and saw a couple silhouetted against the screen. It was that part went Toulouse says, ". . . if only because I long for it with every fiber of my being." They kissed. It was cool watching from back there, it was like a movie within a movie. But I couldn't get sucked in because I was standing too far back. I walked away.
  14. A girl I talked to at a party who possibly thought she was a J.D. Salinger character, which is probably why I wrote it down in the first place , 11/15/01
    I was telling my friend Amy that I need more mirrors in my house so I'll stop thinking I'm this old man who's about to die of a heart attack. I always think I'm this old alcoholic writer, like Hemingway, so I need some mirrors to remind myself that I'm like this 25-year-old girl. So then Amy told me that she was at the ballet in Berlin, she got like these great seats, and she was sitting next to this big, rich, really rich, German guy. And she said she looked at him and thought, that is me.
  15. Joss Whedon
    It was pretty much the blond girl in the alley in the horror movie who keeps getting killed. I felt bad for her, but she was always more interesting to me than the other girls. She was fun, she had sex, she was vivacious. But then she would get punished for it. Literally, I just had that image, that scene, in my mind, like the trailer for a movie - what if the girl goes into the dark alley. And the monster follows her. And she destroys him.
  16. Fight Club
    You are the all singing all dancing crap of the world.
  17. this.